2016-2017 College Catalog

Online Catalog

Pay for College

Howard Community College is committed to helping students prepare for the cost of their education. Thorough information and proper planning ensure that students understand college costs. It also enables them to take advantage of the many resources available to help them manage these costs.

This section of the catalog explains the following about paying for credit courses and programs:

  • what to pay
  • when to pay
  • ways to pay
  • where to pay
  • payment and refund policies
  • other policies and procedures related to costs and payment
  • financial literacy

Detailed information about financial aid and scholarships immediately follows this section. Payment information related to noncredit courses is available in the noncredit schedule of classes, at, or by contacting the office of continuing education and workforce development (443-518-1700; HR-100).

Payment is that all-important step that finalizes each student’s enrollment. Students are responsible for paying their bills. They are also responsible for fulfilling their financial obligations according to official dates and deadlines and/or related college policies and procedures. If for any reason, a parent, guardian, employer, sponsor or other source fails to honor their financial commitment on behalf of the student, the student will be held responsible for the financial obligations to the college and any related charges incurred.