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Healthcare Documentation Specialist - Office Technology Certificate (Career)


For curriculum information, contact the Business and Computer Systems Division - Room DH-239 - 443-518-1520.

The Healthcare Documentation Specialist certificate prepares individuals to perform entry-level administrative and computer support activities within the healthcare environment. Students will develop skills in healthcare administration, including gaining the knowledge, understanding, and abilities required to transcribe clinical dictation and prepare patient care documents with accuracy, clarity, consistency, and timeliness, all while applying the principles of professional and ethical conduct.

Suggested Semester 1

Course NumberTitleCredits
CMSY 102Beginning Word Processing


OFFI 150Pharmacology for Health Administrative Professionals


OFFI 260Medical Terminology


OFFI 279Keyboarding


Suggested Semester 2

Course NumberTitleCredits
OFFI 102Editing Skills


OFFI 270Medical Transcription Techniques


Suggested Semester 3

Course NumberTitleCredits
OFFI 293Beginning Medical Transcription


Suggested Semester 4

Course NumberTitleCredits
OFFI 297Advanced Medical Transcription


Total Credit Hours: 18

A graduate should be able to

  1. Prepare healthcare documentation to meet medical industry standards.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of when to use medical and pharmacological terminology including knowledge of the differences between the two.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in English language usage including proofreading, editing, and research skills.
  4. Demonstrate proficiency with current productivity applications.

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