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Entrepreneurship - Letter of Recognition

For curriculum information, contact the Business and Computer Systems Division—Room DH-239—443-518-1520.

As a part of its structure, the Center for Entrepreneurial and Business Excellence (CEBE) offers a letter of recognition in Entrepreneurship. The courses offer participants individualized business strategies to support growth and profitability, business development, networking opportunities, and support. The letter prepares the student/entrepreneur to launch or enhance a business with the goal of economic success and sustainability. The student/entrepreneur moves through a sequence of courses with the underlying support of a Business Coach. This letter of recognition differentiates CEBE graduates in the competitive marketplace. Courses required for this letter increase the entrepreneur’s knowledge and understanding of subject matter critical to the success of their business enterprise.

Course NumberTitleCredits
ENTR 102Entrepreneurial Assessment


ENTR 103Starting Your Own Business I


ENTR 203Starting Your Own Business II


Electives – Select at least one of the following:

Course NumberTitleCredits
ENTR 120Entrepreneurship in Practice


ENTR 210Developing Business Opportunities and Plans


ENTR 225Social Entrepreneurship


ENTR 226Entrepreneurial Leadership


Total Credit Hours: 9-10

This program is in the Business Pathway.

Guided Pathways is a nationwide educational strategy that provides a structured and collaborative approach to student success. Guided Pathways connect students to the specific resources in an intentional and deliberate way in order to support student success.

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Course NumberTitleCredits