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Data Business Analytics - Certificate (Career)

The amount of data available to organizations is large and growing rapidly. Organizations—big and small—are now using the abundance of data to make better predictions, decisions, and strategies to increase productivity, profitability, and performance. Data analysts are in high demand because many existing and emerging workers do not have the full skill set employers need. 

The Business Analytics Certificate develops student skills in data mining, data visualization, data interpretation, and data storytelling. Related skills include business communication, critical thinking, and decision-making. This Certificate is ideal for students looking to 1) increase their data literacy, 2) prepare for a career in business (data) analytics in any field, and/or 3) advance their careers or improve their marketability. 

Suggested Semester 1

Course NumberTitleCredits
BMGT 206Business Analysis for Decision Making


BMGT 241Project Management


CMSY 156Introduction to Python


Suggested Semester 2

Course NumberTitleCredits
ACCT 245Introduction to Data Analytics


CMSY 208Data Visualization


SPCH 175Business Communications


Total Credit Hours: 18

A graduate should be able to

  1. Describe the applications and implications of data analytics in different industries.
  2. Collect and organize data from a variety of sources.
  3. Use tools such as spreadsheets to manage and analyze large data sets.
  4. Formulate strategic business insights from data.
  5. Communicate patterns and relationships using a variety of data visualization techniques.

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