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Culinary Arts - Culinary Management Certificate (Career)


For curriculum information, contact the Business and Computer Systems Division—Room DH-239—443-518-1520.

This certificate is designed for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the culinary field, focusing on professional cooking. Students enrolling in the certificate will develop skills related to cooking in the professional environment, including safe food handling and preparation, purchasing, cost control, service skills, and management skills. Students completing this certificate will be ready to enter the culinary field in an entry-level position.

Suggested Semester 1

Course NumberTitleCredits
CMGT 121Foodservice Safety and Sanitation


CMGT 150Kitchen Applications and Management


HMGT 225Hospitality Purchasing and Cost Control


PMGT 135Baking and Pastries


Suggested Semester 2

Course NumberTitleCredits
CMGT 200International Cuisine


CMGT 265Garde' Manger


CMGT 286A la Carte


CMGT 280Quantity Food Production and Service Management


Suggested Semester 3

Course NumberTitleCredits
CMGT 201Nutrition for Food Service Professionals


CMGT 299Culinary Field Internship


HMGT 286Dining Room Service and Operations Lab


Total Credit Hours: 33

A graduate should be able to

  1. Function at the entry-level or mid-level management position within the hospitality field.
  2. Maintain appropriate cost control and financial management skills.
  3. Utilize problem-solving skills related to managerial issues with the hospitality/tourism industry.
  4. Demonstrate beginning managerial techniques and supervisory skills, incorporating human resource management components.
  5. Operate in a context of legal, ethical, and service modes as set by the industry.

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