2021-2022 College Catalog

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Programs by Pathway

The following sections of the catalog detail program offerings in the following academic pathways: Business; Education; Health Sciences; Liberal Arts; Social Sciences; and STEM. All degrees and certificates, letters of recognition, and certification training outlines are described in these pathways.

Transfer programs are designed to transfer primarily to University of Maryland system institutions; however, students may plan to transfer to universities and colleges throughout the nation. The college has numerous services for students preparing for transfer, such as transfer counseling, on-campus visits by transfer institutions, and extensive information available in Counseling and Career Services. Completion of a transfer program will result in the award of an associate of arts, associate of science in engineering, or associate of arts in teaching degree.

Career programs are designed to enable students to gain immediate employment upon completing the associate of applied science degree, certificate, letter of recognition, or certification training. While these programs are designed for entry into employment, some of the courses within them may be transferable to four-year colleges and universities.

To determine the possible transfer eligibility of a course, students are encouraged to use “ARTSYS,” the computerized transfer articulation system for the University of Maryland System, which is available in Academic Support and Counseling and Career Services as well as Admissions and Advising. Students are also encouraged to consult with the institution to which they intend to transfer.