2021-2022 College Catalog

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Adjunct Faculty

On a rotating basis, adjunct faculty who have made a long-term contribution to HCC will be highlighted in this section.

Geraldine Acquard (1997)
B.A., University of Maryland Baltimore County; M.S., University of Maryland College Park
Master Adjunct Instructor, Psychology

Gail Baptiste (2005)
B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
Senior Adjunct Instructor, Nutrition

Susan Bare (1993)
A.A., Cuyahoga Community College; B.S., Cleveland State University; Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University
Master Adjunct Instructor, Chemistry

Barbara Baxter (2006)
M.A., Harvard University
Senior Adjunct Instructor, Art

Andrew Bowie (2003)
A.A., Community College of Baltimore County; B.A., University of Maryland Baltimore County
Master Adjunct Instructor, Mathematics

Stephanie Brice (2018)
A.A., A.A.,  Howard Community College; B.S., University of Maryland College Park
Adjunct Instructor, Cybertechnology

Edward Brune (2009)
B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and University; M.S., University of Maryland College Park
Adjunct Instructor, Mathematics

Linda Bunyard (2004)
B.S., University of New Hampshire; M.S., University of Memphis
Senior Adjunct Instructor, Nutrition

Rhonda L. Canham (2006)
B.S., Notre Dame College of Ohio; M.S., Miami University of Ohio
Master Adjunct Instructor, Biology

Christine Chin Choy (2013)
B.S., Fordham University; B.S., Columbia University; Ph.D., Stevens Institute of Technology
Adjunct Instructor

Sandra Clabough (2007)
B.S., Louisiana State University
Adjunct Instructor

Erin Coleman (2010)
B.A., M.Ed., James Madison University
Adjunct Instructor, Education

Cynthia J. Cupples (2007)
M.A., Ph.D., Princeton University
Adjunct Instructor, History

Amy Curran (2011)
B.A., Hollins University; M.A., Loyola University
Master Adjunct Instructor, Mathematics  

Joanne Drielak (2009)
B.A., M.A., Stony Brook University
Master Adjunct Instructor, Political Science

Paul Dudek (1999)
A.A., Howard Community College
Adjunct Instructor, Electronics/Engineering Technology

Jennifer Dumont (2010)
B.A., Tulane University; M.O., Ph.D., New York University
Master Adjunct Instructor, French

Armando Espejo (2016)
M.C.E., Universidad Privada Antenor Orre
Senior Adjunct Instructor, Mathematics

Louis Fritz (2014)
B.S., Shippensburg University; M.S., Texas A&M
Senior Adjunct Instructor, Mathematics

Joyce Griffin (2004)
B.S., B.B.A., Towson University
Adjunct Instructor, Continuing Education and Workforce Development

Stephanie Guerin-Yodice (2009)
B.A, Notre Dame University of Maryland; M.A., Johns Hopkins University
Master Adjunct Instructor, History

Aimee Hermina (2013)
M.S., Teacher's College, Columbia University
Senior Adjunct Instructor

Linda Hutchinson (2019)
B.S., Northwestern University; M.A., J.D., University of Maryland
Adjunct Instructor, Business

Harvey Jackson (2007)
B.A., Kean University
Adjunct Instructor, Philosophy

Kathyrn Jones (2013)
B.A., University of Pennsylvania; M.S., Ph.D.; Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Adjunct Instructor, Biology

Cennet Kose Rivera (2010)
B.A., Gazi University
Adjunct Instructor, Turkish 

Mary Metzler (1999)
B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University; M.B.A., Marymount University
Senior Adjunct Instructor, Business

Lanardo Moody (1994)
B.A., M.A., Norfolk State University; M.S., Maryland University of Integrative Health
Master Adjunct Instructor, Health Sciences

Donna Noyes (2013)
B.S.C.E., West Virginia University
Senior Adjunct Instructor, Mathematics

Michael O’Donnell (2008)
M.A., University of Missouri; M.S., Carnegie-Mellon University; M.P., George Washington University
Senior Adjunct Instructor, Mathematics

Claudia Paganelli (2017)
M.S., Stevenson University
Senior Adjunct Instructor, Office Technology

Dirk Parham (2015)
M.A., University of Maryland College Park
Master Adjunct Instructor, Anthropology, Geography and Psychology

Lenett Partlow-Myrick (2009)
B.A., University of Baltimore
Master Adjunct Instructor, English

Robert Patterson (2016)
B.S., University of Maryland College Park
Adjunct Instructor 

Downie Perunovich (2011)
B.S., M.S., Towson University
Senior Adjunct Instructor, English 

Lisa Rehwoldt (2000)
B.M., Oberlin College, M.M., D.M.A., Peabody Institute
Adjunct Instructor 

Robert Ryan (2012)
B.S., University of Rochester; M.S. University of Maryland
Master Adjunct Instructor, Mathematics 

Kathleen Schahfer (2003)
B.A., Queens College 
Master Adjunct Instructor, English 

Margaret Schenk (2013)
B.S., University of Maryland College Park; M.S., Johns Hopkins University
Master Adjunct Instructor, Office Technology

Anne Smith (2018)
Event Management and Lodging Management Certificates, Howard Community College
Adjunct Instructor, Hospitality

Bryan Smith (2015)
M.B.A., University of Utah
Senior Adjunct Instructor, Economics

Patricia Smith (1997)
B.A., Smith College; Ph.D., The University of Iowa
Adjunct Instructor, Chemistry

Margaret Tyler (2009)
B.S., Gallaudet University
Adjunct Instructor, American Sign Language

John Wesolowski (2015)
M.A., University of Phoenix
Master Adjunct Instructor, Sociology

Chris Yfantis, CPA (2013)
B.S., University of Maryland
Senior Adjunct Instructor, Accounting