2020-2021 College Catalog

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When to Pay–Payments, Refunds and Deadlines

Tuition and fees must be paid according to scheduled payment dates. These dates are listed online (


Students can view the amount of their bills on myHCC, or on their registration statement (obtain a copy in person from the cashier's office, welcome center, or the office of records, registration, and veterans' affairs). Students are responsible for the following policies regarding payments:

  • Responsible Party –Students are the responsible party when it comes to their bills and eligibility for refunds. If, for any reason, a parent, guardian, employer, sponsor or other party fails to pay or does not honor the check, credit card payment, purchase order, or otherwise fails to meet a financial obligation to the college on behalf of a student, the student will be held responsible for those financial obligations.
  • Tuition, fees, and other payments made by an insufficient funds check may result in cancellation of classes during the registration period as well as a $25 insufficient funds check fee.
  • Outstanding Balance –Students are responsible for any outstanding balance not covered by financial aid, scholarships, loans, or other means. Any balance must be paid by payment deadlines or by using the appropriate payment plan (i.e., Tuition Payment Plan, Veterans Deferred Payment Plan). You may pay the balance you are responsible for through one of the following methods:
    • In person at the cashier’s office (RCF-200A)–The cashier’s office accepts all forms of payment. This office also has a drop box where students can submit payments.
    • Online –Pay online using myHCC (credit card only)
    • By Mail –Mail payments made by credit card, check, or money order to the following mailing address: Cashier’s Office, Howard Community College, 10901 Little Patuxent Parkway, Columbia, MD 21044.
  • Officially dropping classesStudents are responsible for officially dropping classes they have decided not to take. While the college may drop students who have not paid their tuition, this is not intended to replace the student-initiated official drop process. Students who rely upon the college to drop them for nonpayment do so at their own risk. Stopping payment, credit card charges or using other such means does not invalidate the financial obligation owed to the college for unpaid balances. An official drop within the refund period is a student’s only assurance of release from some or all of the financial obligation incurred by registering.
  • Failure to attend –Students who register but never attend a class or classes remain responsible for their financial obligations for the seats taken by registering. Likewise, students who stop attending, including those who officially withdraw, will be held responsible for any remaining balance owed to the college.
  • Changes to a course load (dropping, adding, withdrawals, non-attendance, unofficial withdrawals, etc.) can have a significant impact on a student’s financial aid awards, veterans benefits, tuition assistance and F1 visa status. Applicants and recipients of federal, state, and institutional awards are obligated to carefully read and review the catalog’s financial aid section. Once a student’s financial aid has been awarded, it is essential they consult financial aid services regarding any changes in enrollment status.
  • Financial Aid–Financial aid policies and procedures are described in detail in the Financial Aid section.

Students are strongly urged to keep receipts of all registration and payment transactions. Financial aid recipients should also keep bookstore receipts. The consequences of not fulfilling financial obligations to the college include, but are not limited to, sending the student’s account to collections, withholding college transcripts, diplomas and other earned awards, and denial of enrollment for subsequent semesters.


Student eligibility for tuition and fee refunds and the refund percentage are based upon established dates and deadlines each term.  Students may also view the refund deadlines for their classes in myHCC.

  • Cancelled classes – A refund will automatically be processed for students who have paid for a cancelled class. If a student registers for another class to replace the cancelled class prior to the processing of the refund, the student’s refund balance will be applied toward payment of the added class. Any remaining balance will be refunded; likewise, the student will be billed for any additional charges.
  • Officially dropping classes – As stated above, students are responsible for officially dropping classes in order to avoid tuition and fee charges and receive the appropriate refund. Students who never attend or initially attend, but stop, are responsible for course costs unless they have officially dropped within the official refund period. The refund percentage is dependent upon when in the refund period the official drop occurred.
  • Fall and spring semesters (15 week semesters) – Students are eligible for refunds of 15-week sections as follows:
    • 100% refund eligibility – A 100% refund of tuition, the consolidated fee, and course fees is issued to students who officially drop classes by the end of the first week of classes. (This does not include the application fee.)
    • 50% refund eligibility – A 50% refund of tuition and the consolidated fee only (no course fees) is issued to students who officially drop classes by the end of the second week of classes.

After the end of the second week of fall and spring 15-week classes, students are not eligible for refunds. The timing of refunds is shorter for classes that meet less than 15 weeks.

  • Summer, Winter, and Variable Time Sessions – During summer, winter, and other variable time sessions, students are eligible for graduated refunds during the first few days of the section. During this period, students are eligible for 100% of all tuition, the consolidated fee, and course fees, or 50% of tuition and consolidated fees only. After the posted refund period for these sections, students are not eligible for refunds. See My Tuition Refund and Withdrawal Deadlines in myHCC for applicable dates.
  • Deployed Military – Members of the military, including active-duty military, reservists, and the National Guard, who receive orders to deploy during an academic term, are eligible to receive 100% tuition, fees, and book refunds, or to request incomplete grade(s) if eligible. Specific procedures must be followed. More information is available by contacting the office of records, registration, and veterans' affairs.  Students receiving financial aid or scholarships should contact financial aid services.
  • Emergency Workers – Emergency workers undergoing a change in assignment, hours, or location as a result of a national emergency are eligible to receive 100% tuition, fees, and book refunds or request incomplete grade(s). More information is available by contacting the office of records, registration, and veterans' affairs. Students receiving financial aid or scholarships should contact financial aid services.

Refund method – The college has partnered with BankMobile Disbursements, a financial services company focused solely on higher education, to provide electronic refund services to students. Financial aid and tuition refunds are disbursed to credit students via the refund choice selected by students. Students should visit to choose their preferred method of refund delivery. This electronic refund service provides students with faster access to their refunds as well as more control over how and where their refunds are delivered. Balances paid by credit card through myHCC or directly to the cashier's office are refunded back to the respective credit card. For more information on this refund service, please visit or email

Collection Procedures

The college makes every effort to contact students with outstanding balances. However, if these attempts are unsuccessful, accounts are turned over to a collection agency and an additional charge of up to 25% of the outstanding balance is added to student accounts. Official transcripts and diplomas, and the ability to register for subsequent terms will also be withheld for students with outstanding balances until accounts are paid in full.

Once accounts are placed in collections, students have the option of paying HCC directly rather than the collection agency. Either way, students remain responsible for full payment of outstanding balances and collection costs. Holds on student accounts are removed immediately upon full payment by cash, credit card, or money order if the account is paid in person.  Accounts paid online will need to contact the cashier's office to have the hold removed.  Holds will not be released for ten business days for accounts paid in full by personal check.