2020-2021 College Catalog

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Student Responsibilites

After students have selected a particular curriculum, they should familiarize themselves with the various courses that have been specified for the freshman and sophomore years. They should note particularly the prerequisites and the placement of the various courses of learning and should also be aware of their own level of development and how their backgrounds relate to their choice of curriculum.

Because of enrollment patterns and scheduling problems, not all courses specified in the suggested curricula are offered each semester. In addition, courses scheduled for a given semester may be canceled because of insufficient enrollment. Students must take these factors into consideration when planning their schedules and/or timetable for completing any given program or degree. It is strongly suggested that you consult with an advisor or counselor in planning your program.

It is the responsibility of students to meet the requirements of the curriculum in which they are enrolled even though counselors and faculty advisors will provide students with advice and recommendations. Students who wish to transfer courses must acquaint themselves with the requirements of the senior institution in order to obtain maximum credit at time of transfer. A complete statement of Student Transfer Policies is included in this catalog.