Program Selection

The college offers a number of curricula leading to the associate of arts degree, the associate of science in engineering degree, the associate of arts in teaching degree, the associate of applied science degree, the certificate, and the letter of recognition. Each curriculum has been designed to accomplish specific purposes as indicated in the description section of the curriculum or program. Students should read the descriptions carefully to ensure the program meets their educational and career goals.

Each associate degree requires at least 60 credits in order to fulfill graduation requirements. Students may be required to take preparatory or developmental coursework as prerequisites to college-level courses. Such courses are not transferable and do not count toward graduation requirements, although developmental coursework figures into the student’s cumulative grade point average (see “Placement Testing and Developmental Education Policies” for further information). Developmental courses are taught in lecture and laboratory settings where maximum supervision and support can be provided and instruction is often individualized.

Developmental English

Developmental English courses include preparation in reading, writing, and study skills. In addition, courses for non-native speakers of English focus on reading, writing, study skills, and oral communication skills.

Developmental Mathematics

Developmental mathematics courses focus on elementary arithmetic, fundamental algebra, and elementary geometry. Students should review their prior mathematics material before completing mathematics basic skills assessment testing.