2019-2020 College Catalog

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Advising Services

Academic Advising

One of the college’s most important responsibilities is to provide comprehensive academic advising services. Students are responsible for fulfilling the requirements of their area of study for the catalog year that applies to them and/or for fulfilling the requirements of other academic goals they may have. Therefore, it is also each student’s responsibility to meet with an advisor prior to each term, during each term and more often, if needed. Advisors provide students with information and recommendations regarding areas of study, academic planning including course selection, academic concerns, and graduation requirements and transfer preparation. Advisors also perform initial graduation clearance. Students in selected programs are assigned to specific academic or faculty advisors as appropriate. All other students are assigned to the office of admissions and advising. Advising is available to all students year round through the office of admissions and advising. Students have access to academic planning through self-service, student planning found in myHCC. 

 Advising also places a strong focus on helping students reach completion goals, particularly graduation and transfer. Students are also assisted with identifying various alternatives to earn certificates, degrees, and/or transfer goals. Students are responsible for fulfilling the requirements of their area of study for the catalog year that applies to them. First time, degree-seeking students are required to complete college composition and the appropriate college level mathematics course within the first 24 college-level credit hours. First time, degree-seeking students who place into the developmental English or mathematics sequence must complete an English composition course and/or appropriate college level mathematics course the subsequent semester following the completion of the highest level developmental English or mathematics course.

Advising services and the college’s many academic support services are designed to contribute to student success. Students who are notified through the academic warning process that they are at risk are required to meet with an advisor or an academic success coordinator and take additional steps.

Important academic and transfer advising information is available to each student on the office of admissions and advising’s website at Students are also required to utilize myHCC to check on the accuracy of their personal information such as address, phone, e-mail, learning program, and catalog year. Further information is available through the office of Admissions and Advising at 443-518-1200, then select #3, or, or

Transfer Information and Advising

To ensure a successful transfer to other institutions and/or specific programs within institutions, it is each student’s responsibility to regularly meet with an advisor and utilize transfer resources. For example, the University System of Maryland (USM) institutions have designated certain programs as Limited Enrollment Programs. These programs differ by institution and may include such majors as business administration, computer science, engineering, teacher education and others. It is critical that students work closely with an advisor and utilize transfer resources regularly to ensure they are meeting general and specific requirements, application deadlines, and other criteria from the beginning of their academic career.

Transfer Services are offered as part of the office of admissions and advising (RCF-242). It provides the following services:

  • Transfer Advising and Assistance
  • Transfer Website This website offers access to general information, a transfer activities and events calendar, college and university websites, transfer scholarship information, other online resources, information about articulation agreements, and more.
  • Transfer Fairs – The college conducts general and specialized transfer fairs during the fall and winter/spring terms to inform students about their many transfer options. Representatives from a broad range of both public and private, and in-state and out-of-state colleges and universities are available to provide information. Specialized transfer fairs are also held for specific majors.
  • Transfer Workshops – Transfer workshops are conducted throughout the year and focus on various topics, including transfer scholarships, transferring as an international student, limited enrollment programs, professional school opportunities, degree completion and others.
  • Joint Transfer and Career Programs – Programs are available throughout the year. These sessions focus on specific career fields and related academic preparation, including transfer.
  • Transfer Representative Visits – Representatives from individual schools visit the college throughout the year and are available to meet with students on an individual basis.
  • ARTSYS – An online transfer system designed to provide guidance to students planning to transfer to public colleges and universities, and several private institutions in Maryland.
  • CollegeView – A computer program offering virtual tours of North American college campuses.
  • Specialized Transfer Information – Information is available for students with specific concerns or interests, including information for international students, students with disabilities, athletes and others.
  • Transfer Institution Visits – Visits to other institutions are organized based on interest and special transfer initiatives.

For further information, visit or contact the office of admissions and advising (RCF-242; 443-518-1220;