2019-2020 College Catalog

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Parking citations are issued at the rate of one per violation. Vehicles improperly parked in handicapped spaces, reserved parking areas, fire lanes, and no-parking areas will be issued a parking citation. Each citation carries a penalty of $50, which must be paid at the college cashier's office. Failure to pay violations may result in the vehicle being towed, students not receiving official transcripts or loss of college privileges. If the violator is a college employee, the employee will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

Vehicles without the appropriate parking decal displayed will be identified by license plate number. Any fees associated with identifying parking violators by license plate number through the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration will be charged to that violator.

All parking fees or fines issued by the College are payable to Howard Community College at the cashier’s office and official transcripts will be held if not paid in full.

In addition to receiving a parking citation from the college, an individual parked in a handicapped space, fire zone, or no-parking zone is subject to additional fines from the Howard County Police Department. Howard County fines are imposed at $350 per violation in a handicapped space, $150 per violation in a fire zone, and $40 per violation in a no-parking area. All fines issued by Howard County are payable to Howard County Police Department.

Appeal forms are available at the Public Safety Office on the first floor of the RCF Building.