2019-2020 College Catalog

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Disbursement Procedures

Financial Aid Services begins the disbursement process the day after the Financial Aid Census date each semester.   Financial Aid, including Federal Direct Student Loans and Federal PLUS Loan funds, is usually applied to the student’s tuition and fees charges within a week after the census date. 

Any financial aid funds over and above tuition, fees, and bookstore charges will be refunded.  All registered students will be contacted to select a preferred refund option.  The options are direct deposit to the banking institution of choice or deposit to BankMobile Vibe checking account.  Refer to the refund section for more information.  

Any Federal Direct PLUS Loans over and above tuition and fees, and bookstore charges are refunded to the parent or student depending on the parent’s refund preference as indicated on their loan application.

Loan disbursements are received by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and do not require any additional signatures/endorsements. The student/parent will receive written notification of the loan disbursement, and the student/parent’s right to cancel. If the student/parent would like to cancel their loan, they must do so within 14 days of the date on the notification.

HCC does not apply college work-study earnings to the student’s account. Students participating in the college work-study program will be paid semi-monthly based on the number of hours worked during that pay period.