2019-2020 College Catalog

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Consortium Agreements

HCC students who wish to begin their transfer to another institution but still have coursework remaining at HCC to complete may have their financial aid processed under a consortium agreement, and the other college will process the student's aid.  Students may not receive financial aid at two institutions at the same time.  The student must arrange this at least a month in advance of the beginning of the term.  

A consortium agreement is a written agreement between HCC and the other institution. HCC serves as the “host” institution in these situations and the other college will become the student's "home" institution. Financial aid must be processed through the home institution. HCC will cancel all aid for any students who are found to be receiving financial aid concurrently at HCC and another institution. The student will need to make payment arrangements at HCC to handle the tuition and fees charges for coursework at HCC, since the other institution is processing the aid.