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Music Performance–Voice - Letter of Recognition

For curriculum information, contact the Arts and Humanities Division—Room HVPA-200—443-518-1480.

This letter of recognition is designed for students who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance upon transfer to a four-year institution. In addition to the curriculum required in HCC’s Music A.A. area of concentration, students seeking a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance must display a good working knowledge of Italian, French and German grammar, along with their performance counterpart, Lyric Diction. While not required in this curriculum, beginning language study in at least one or two of these languages enables the student to complete the language requirements of the Bachelor of Music degree program within the time frame of four years.

Course NumberTitleCredits
MUSA 160Lyric Diction I - Italian-Latin


MUSA 161Lyric Diction II - English


MUSA 260Lyric Diction III - German


MUSA 261Lyric Diction IV - French


Total Credit Hours: 8

If the student wishes to transfer credits into a vocal performance program, it is strongly recommended that they take FREN 101-FREN 102, FREN 201-FREN 202; and/or GERM 101-GERM 102, GERM 201-GERM 202; and/or ITAL 101-ITAL 102, ITAL 201-ITAL 202 (and the corresponding labs) as proficiency in all three languages is required for such programs.