2019-2020 College Catalog

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Home Schooled Students

High school juniors and seniors who are home schooled must follow Dual Enrollment procedures. Additional information, such as recommendations, must be provided upon request. Home schooled students in the equivalent of eighth through tenth grades must follow Gifted and Talented Student procedures. Due to the unavailability of traditional high school transcripts, placement test and college entrance exam scores have a greater importance to admissions decisions. Whenever recommendations are required, at least two of the recommendations must be provided by individuals other than the student's parents or guardians.  As is true for other dually enrolled and gifted and talented students, the primary purpose for the enrollment of home-schooled students must be for academic enrichment and not to supplement or substitute for coursework that comprises the student's secondary school curriculum. 

Howard Community College reserves the right to grant admission to secondary school students, including home schooled students, on an individual basis. For further information regarding the college’s services for secondary school students, please contact the office of admissions and advising (RCF-242; 443-518-4599; Information is also available on the college’s website at