2019-2020 College Catalog

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Grading System

Final grades for Howard Community College students will be issued at the end of each semester. All grades earned will remain on the official transcript. Letter grades for college-level courses earn quality points according to the following schedule:


Quality Points Per Credit Hour




Mastery of course objectives with outstanding quality of academic achievement



Mastery of course objectives with high quality of academic achievement



Mastery of course objectives



Borderline understanding of the subject and marginal academic performance.

Earning a D grade or lower will not fulfill a prerequisite requirement for some courses. As of August 1, 2017, students must earn at least a C in ENGL 121 to be able to graduate.



Lack of mastery of course objectives



Withdraw. This grade is given at the time of withdrawal. Deadlines for withdrawal are listed in myHCC.



Incomplete. A temporary designation generally given only in an emergency situation such as illness, which results in the student’s inability to complete course objectives. A student must have successfully completed 75 percent of the course objectives, as determined by the instructor, for the “I” designation. This designation must be changed to a permanent grade other than “W” or “L” within a period of time determined by the instructor at the time the “I” designation is assigned. A written agreement by the instructor specifying the necessary objectives and period of time within which they need to be completed shall be sent to the student with a copy to the student’s permanent file. The period to complete objectives shall not exceed the end of the seventh week of the next full semester or it will be converted to an “F” grade.



The “L” grade is assigned only in some developmental courses to students who have not mastered the course objectives due to individual learning characteristics. In order to qualify for an “L” grade, students must work with steady diligence, effort, and near perfect attendance, and must show progress on course objectives. Students may be required to seek additional assistance beyond class sessions. The “L” grade is not computed in students’ grade point averages.



Never Attended. This grade is assigned to students who register for a course and do not report or participate within the first 20 percent of scheduled class sessions.




The total credit hours earned by a student are equivalent to the total of the college-level credits for which a grade of A, B, C, D or F was recorded. A student’s grade point average (GPA) is recorded on the student’s official transcript. The GPA is calculated as follows: 

Total Quality Points Earned divided by Total Credit Hours Attempted = Grade Point Average

Grades with the indication of “None” under quality points per credit hour in the grade schedule are not used in computing the GPA. Grade records are maintained in the office of records, registration, and veterans' affairs (RRVA). An official transcript may be obtained from RRVA. Students who have not met all of their financial obligations and and/or student conduct holds will have transcripts withheld until such obligations are satisfied.

Repeat Policy

If a student repeats a course, the highest grade earned in the course will count toward the grade point average (GPA); however, all attempts and the resulting grades will appear on the transcript.