2018-2019 College Catalog

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Student Non-Academic Complaints

Procedures for Howard Community College (HCC) students to address non-academic complaints are addressed in the student handbook and the catalog, which are available on the college website. These procedures are reviewed annually by the office of the vice president of student services prior to publication of the student handbook and the catalog. There is a separate process for filing each type of non-academic complaint.

Procedures related to filing complaints regarding violations of college policy on non-discrimination, equal employment opportunity or affirmative action and violations of sexual misconduct are outlined in the procedures 63.01.01, Discrimination Complaint and 63.01D.01, Sexual Misconduct.

HCC students with disabilities who have complaints regarding physical accessibility of campus or provisions for academic accommodation can follow the grievance procedures outlined in the Disability Support Services Student Handbook available on the HCC website.

Procedures for complaints regarding the requirements of FERPA are outlined in college policy 50.05, under “Right to Challenge Student Records.”  If  after following these procedures, a student alleges failure by the college to comply with the requirements of FERPA, the student can file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education.

The procedures for handling complaints regarding the student services area (i.e., academic support services; admissions, advising and transfer athletics; Children’s Learning Center; counseling and career services; disability support services; financial aid services; records, registration, and veterans affairs; student life; test center, and campus services) are outlined in the student handbook available on the HCC website.