2018-2019 College Catalog

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Additional Requirements and Verification Documentation

The U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) or Financial Aid Services may require students to submit additional documents to confirm the information submitted on the FAFSA. In addition, USDOE or Financial Aid Services may, at any time, select certain financial aid applications for a review process called verification. Students whose files require additional documentation must submit all required documents to Financial Aid Services in order to complete their files. Financial aid will not be awarded or disbursed until all required documentation has been received and reviewed.

Students should submit documents as soon as possible, but no later than the student's last date of attendance.  In accordance with federal regulations, HCC will accept certain verification documents such as IRS tax documents up to 90 days after the student's last date of attendance or by August 10, 2018, whichever is earlier.  This extended deadline does not apply to most documents and information required to complete the student's financial aid file.  In general, federal regulations require that documents must be received by the student's last date of attendance or the student will not be entitled to any financial aid.

Once the student's file is complete, HCC will review the file.  If corrections to the FAFSA are required, these corrections will be electronically submitted by the college, and the student will be notified of the corrections by the USDOE.

Sometimes students are selected for verification after their awards have been made and funds have been disbursed for the semester. In such an event, no further financial aid will be awarded or disbursed until verification is complete. Failure to turn in documents will result in a cancellation of aid. Students will then owe disbursed funds back to the USDOE or HCC. If verification causes a change to the student’s awards for the academic year, he or she may be required to repay aid.