High School Students

Various enrollment options are available to high school students.

DUAL ENROLLMENT—High school juniors and seniors may enroll part-time (up to two classes per term) at the college during the academic year and the summer prior to the junior and senior years through HCC's Dual Enrollment program.  Credits earned may apply toward high school graduation under certain circumstances. The award of high school credit for college coursework is arranged through a student’s high school. Requirements for admission include submission of the college’s Early Entrance application, high school transcripts, and proof of legal residency upon request. Appropriate placement testing is also required. Parents/legal guardians of students in 8th-10th grades must sign an application addendum. Public and private high schools and home school programs also have their own policies and procedures that students must follow (see Programs for High School Students for additional information). The college also receives grant funding for special programs for high school students. These programs can have additional requirements. More information is available from the office of admissions and advising.

High school students who are residents of Howard County and enroll at HCC while still in high school are eligible for a tuition discount. This benefit applies to credit classes at HCC during the fall, winter, and spring semesters. Howard County Public School System, private school, and home school students are eligible. Howard County Public School System students who are approved by their high school counselor may also receive credit towards their high school diploma as well as towards their college degree. Private school students may have to fulfill private school requirements to participate.

EARLY ADMISSION—This full-time enrollment option is available for high school seniors only. It enables them to complete high school graduation requirements through full-time enrollment at the college.  The student must enroll in at least one college-level English composition course and one college level mathematics course. Students must apply for the Early Admission option during their junior year. The college's application procedures include submission of the Dual Enrollment application, high school transcripts, placement test   scores, and proof of residency. Students must also submit a letter of consent from their high school principal and any other required public, private, or home school officials. The college also requires an admission interview attended by the student and a parent or guardian. Students must consult high school personnel regarding specific courses needed to fulfill high school graduation requirements. The college reserves the right to grant consent to enroll for the Early Admission option on a case-by-case basis. Consent to enroll as an Early Admission student is dependent upon what the college determines to be in the student’s and its own best interests.

JUMPSTART PROGRAM—The JumpStart program is designed in partnership with HCPSS to provide students with the opportunity to earn from two through 60 college credits while in high school.   Students participating in selected career and transfer program pathways may earn  a college degree within one year of graduating from high school while certain students may earn an associates degree when completing the 60 credit option.   JumpStart pathway programs are limited to certain HCPSS high schools and specific HCC academic programs.   The flexible option is open to all students either at their home high school or by attending HCC during the academic year.   Interested students should speak with their high school guidance counselor for more information on how to join JumpStart.