2016-2017 College Catalog

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What to Pay–Tuition, Fees and other Costs

Costs assessed by the college include tuition, a consolidated fee, course-related fees, and other fees. These costs are explained below. The amount each student pays per semester depends on how many and which classes they take, the tuition rate they are charged based upon legal residence (see Student Residency for more information), the use of certain services, and other factors as described below. Enrollment costs and other costs are subject to change.


The cost per credit hour varies based on legal residency (see Student Residency for information about legal residency). Students do not pay for more than 15 credit hours of tuition per term even if they are enrolled for more credits. Tuition rates are:

Per Credit Hour Maximum Per Semester
Howard County Resident $134 $2,010
Maryland Resident-Other County $217 $3,255
Out of State Resident $262 $3,930

*All tuition and fees are subject to change. For current charges, visit

The rates that international citizens pay are based upon their ability to establish legal residence/domicile (see International Citizens for more information). Tuition is waived for Maryland residents who are senior citizens 60 years of age or over. A tuition waiver is also available to retirees and people with disabilities under very specific conditions and who are Maryland residents. In accordance with Maryland state and federal laws, all active duty military personnel and their dependents, Maryland National Guard members, and veterans are eligible to pay in-county tuition if the service member is stationed in, resides in, or is domiciled in Maryland.  Certain additional tuition discounts apply for members of the Maryland National Guard. See Military Service Members, Veterans and Dependents for more information. Legal residents of Maryland (and qualified out-of-state residents under very specific circumstances) enrolled in the college’s Health Personnel Shortage Incentive Grant Programs, and Mid-Maryland Allied Healthcare (MMAHCEC) as degree-seeking students are entitled to in-county rates applicable to graduation in their area of study. Legal residents of Prince George's County are entitled to in-county tuition benefits when enrolled in HCC courses at the Laurel College Center.



The application fee for initial admission to the college is a one-time fee. Students who are readmitted to the college following a period of absence do not pay another admissions application fee. The application fee is waived for some applicants, including active duty military, veterans and their dependents, Early Entrance Program, Freshman Focus Program applicants, Rouse Scholars applicants who are Maryland Distinguished Scholars and National Merit Scholars.  HCC participates in the SAT, ACT and College Board application fee waiver program for high school students with demonstrated financial need. Application fees include:

Standard Application Fee


Rouse Scholars Program Application Fee*


Silas Craft Collegians Program Application Fee*


International (F1) Student Application Fee**


Supplemental Application Fee for Admission to the Clinical Portion of Allied Health Programs (Nursing, Physical Therapy Assistant, Medical Laboratory Technician, Cardiovascular Technology, and Radiologic Technology)****


*Students pay this fee instead of the standard application fee.

**Application fees and payments may vary for special college programs.

****Students pay this fee in addition to the standard application fee when applying for admission to the clinical portion of these programs.

These and other fees are listed at


The consolidated fee helps cover the cost of facilities, student activities, technology, certain instructional expenses, and the college’s general expenses. All students, including senior citizens and others eligible for tuition waivers, pay this fee. This fee is assessed at 16.75% of the in-county tuition per credit up to 15 credits. For example, if a student is enrolled in 16 or more credits for a particular term, their consolidated fee is assessed only for 15 credits at the rate of 16.75% of in-county tuition per credit. If students are enrolled in less than 15 credits for a particular term, their consolidated fee is assessed at 16.75% per credit for the precise number of credits they are taking. The consolidated fee is assessed at the in-county rate for all students regardless of the tuition rate they must pay.

The consolidated fee is allocated as follows:


 6%   Instructional Materials 
 31%   Student Activity Fees 
 43%   Building Fund

Tuition and consolidated fee charts can be found in the college’s schedule of classes every semester and also on the pay for college webpage at


Many classes have fees. These vary based on the course, related activities, and materials involved. Fees are listed along with course descriptions in the schedule of classes, which is published several times during the year.


The college charges fees to cover costs of specific services as follows:

Transcript Evaluation

     Single learning program


Multiple learning programs


Proficiency exam

50% of course tuition (no fees)

Nursing admissions assessment


HESI LPN-RN Mobility Exam


*All fees are subject to change.


The college also assesses certain fines:

Student ID card:

Late purchase or replacement


Library fine (overdue reserved materials per item per day)


Traffic violations


Smoking violation


Insufficient funds check service charge


Collection Costs (added to balance)

25% of balance

*Fines are subject to change.

Other Costs*

Students are strongly urged to consider other expenses related to their education when budgeting for college. Students who utilize the college’s Nelnet Tuition Payment Plan do not pay interest, but do pay a $25 processing charge to Nelnet each term they use this service. Though the costs of books vary based upon courses and whether students purchase new or used books, it is estimated that full-time students will pay approximately $1,800 per year (two major terms) for textbooks and supplies. Students should estimate the cost of transportation to and from the college, day care, food, recreational activities and other costs related to attending college. Costs vary by individual; all students are strongly encouraged to read the rest of this catalog section, and consult the college web site ( to learn about the various resources available to them to help with the direct and indirect costs of attendance.

*Costs are subject to change at any time in any given academic year.