2015-16 College Catalog

Online Catalog

Change of Address and Other Personal Information

Students must provide accurate contact and legal residency information to the college and update it when a change has occurred. To officially change names, addresses, and telephone numbers, a student must complete a Change of Information Form and submit it to the office of records, registration and veterans' affairs. Proof of residency for address changes may be requested. This form is available on the college website at

Students whose immigration/citizenship status has changed should come in person to the office of admissions and advising. See Academic Persistence and Catalog Requirements for information about change of learning program.

Federal legislation relating to tuition and fees tax deductions and credits requires colleges to report students' social security numbers (SSNs) to the Internal Revenue Service.  The college is also required to maintain SSNs for students who receive financial aid, veterans' benefits, tuition assistance, the State's disability waiver, etc.  All credit students must provide their SSNs or opt out through myHCC.  Failing to take either action will result in an annual fine of $100 that the student will be held responsible for paying.