2015-16 College Catalog

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THET-241 Acting for Television

This course will prepare students to present themselves in a professional manner and to perform appropriately in any of the mass media. Voice, appearance, movement, and the technical aspects of mass media performance will be covered through comprehensive exercises and on-camera evaluation





Hours Weekly

4 hours weekly

Course Objectives

1. Organize and articulate beat changes through elementary scoring of monologues and scenes, incorporating director/actor vocabulary into the rehearsal process.

2. Communicate interpretations of literature to a television audience through imaginative performances, releasing physical and vocal impulses that arise while playing an action or responding to another’s reaction, as well as demonstrating active listening.

3. Use spoken and symbolic forms of communication, through a variety of formats mediated with technology and/or other techniques, to convey concepts creatively through the television camera.

4. Analyze one’s own communication style and choices, and those of others, through collaborative critique and revision in television performance.

5. Identify and apply critical theories and concepts related to enduring and contemporary issues of aesthetics and creativity, articulating the differences between acting for theatre and acting for the camera.

6. Incorporate acting and vocal techniques learned by performing for the camera with artistic consideration to commercial advertisement, broadcast journalism, and TV comedy/drama, using innovation, risk-taking, and creativity in analysis and problem-solving methods.

7. Apply knowledge of television performance to raise thought-provoking questions about the professional field and identifying problems within it as well as possible solutions.

8. Analyze and reflect on personal as well as other students’ performances through a critical lens and apply feedback in a positive and meaningful way, assessing and critically analyzing the role of television in illuminating the human condition.