2015-16 College Catalog

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THET-101 Introduction to Acting

In this course, students are introduced to the actor’s art through theatre games, exercises, improvisations, and scripted work designed to boost self confidence and skills in oral and physical communication. The course will also foster imaginative responses to the creative process and live theatre productions.



Hours Weekly

3 hours weekly

Course Objectives

1. Organize and articulate possible intentions, actions, and emotional responses to a given script and audience, incorporating theatre vocabulary into the rehearsal process.

2. Communicate the written word through truthful and imaginative formal performances, engaging in the acting cycle of giving and receiving information as well as demonstrating active listening onstage.

3. Use spoken and symbolic forms of communication to explore imaginative responses to both improvisational and scripted scenarios using a variety of formats and techniques.

4. Analyze one’s own communication style and choices, and those of others, through honest and constructive critique of peer performances and live theatre events and revise one’s own performance based on collaborative feedback.

5. Identify and apply concepts and theories of enduring and contemporary issues of aesthetics and creativity, through ensemble commitment, physical and mental readiness, relaxation, concentration, and life observation.

6. Incorporate innovation, risk-taking, and creativity into performance choices, using analysis and problem-solving methods.

7. Pose and address questions related to the confluence of creative expression with social and cultural contexts of scripted work.

8. Assess, reflect on, and critically analyze the role of theatre and performance in illuminating the human condition.