2015-16 College Catalog

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SPCH-151 The Spoken Word

The course will focus on performing literary selections as spoken presentations with an emphasis on analyzing prose, poetry, dramatic literature, and children's literature in order to communicate its beauty, meaning, and emotional impact while emphasizing the oral and aural quality of the works. In addition, this course will empower individuals to feel more at ease making text-based presentations at public and private events. Especially recommended for all public performers, education, business, and journalism/mass media majors and for those wishing to improve their delivery and articulation.




Eligible to enroll in ENGL-121

Hours Weekly


Course Objectives

1. Organize and articulate vocal variety with pitch, tempo, volume, diction, and tone.

2. Communicate interpretations of prose, poetry, and dramatic literature to an audience through imaginative formal performances as well as demonstrating active listening.

3. Use spoken and symbolic forms of communication to convey character, tone, and general circumstances of a script, using a variety of formats and techniques.

4. Analyze one’s own communication style and choices, and those of others through honest and constructive class critique of peer performances and revising one’s own performance.

5. Assess, reflect on, and critically analyze the role of speech and performance in illuminating the human condition.

6. Identify and apply concepts and theories of enduring and contemporary issues of aesthetics and creativity through ensemble trust, emotional commitment, character development, imagination, and vocal life.

7. Incorporate innovation, risk taking and creativity into performance choices through investigation of one’s own voice and sense memories as an interior source for character inspiration by using analysis and problem-solving methods.

8. Pose and address questions related to the confluence of creative expression with social and cultural contexts of selected literature and poetry, respecting diverse opinions and encouraging the participation of others.