2015-16 College Catalog

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SPCH-105 Fundamentals of Public Speaking

This course is an introduction to the theory and practice of public speaking, focusing on informative and persuasive speaking. Students will gain skill in public speaking and overcome visible nervousness when speaking in front of an audience. Students will learn how to structure informative and persuasive messages for the maximum effect and will experience using audio-visual aids effectively. Students will practice critical listening in learning to evaluate the content, delivery, and style of speeches.




Eligible to enroll in ENGL-121

Hours Weekly


Course Objectives

1. Identify, analyze, and demonstrate the appropriate components and content of informative and persuasive speeches.

2. Identify, analyze, and demonstrate effective physical and vocal delivery, using spoken and symbolic forms of communication, through a variety of formats mediated with technology and/or other techniques, to convey concepts creatively.

3. Organize and articulate ideas and adapt topic, content, and delivery for diverse audiences.

4. Understand and apply appropriate ethical standards to public speaking situations.

5. Analyze individual speeches and the speaking experience based on recordings of speeches performed in class, considering one’s own communication style and choices, and those of others, through collaborative critique and revision.

6. Recognize and apply effective group dynamics through collaborative analyses and presentations.