2015-16 College Catalog

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MATH-138 Statistics

In this course, students will develop the skills necessary to examine basic statistical terminology, develop pictorial and analytical distributions, and use a calculator to calculate measures of central location and measures of variation. Students will additionally examine the normal distribution, correlation, and regression analysis, sampling, testing hypotheses, the chi square test, and probability related to statistics. Classes will require the use of a statistical package.




MATH-070 or appropriate score on mathematics placement test

Hours Weekly

4 hours weekly

Course Objectives

1. Communicate mathematical and statistical concepts using appropriate symbols, notation, and vocabulary.

2. Analyze categorical and quantitative data using appropriate statistical methods including use of descriptive and inferential statistics.

3. Evaluate, justify, and interpret observations and inferences derived from statistical methods.

4. Assess the validity of statistical arguments and conclusions by analyzing the context of data, the sampling methods employed, sources of bias or error, and the appropriateness and limitations of statistical models.

5. Identify and use appropriate technologies including statistical software to efficiently complete mathematical, statistical, or cross-disciplinary problem-solving tasks, and as an effective means to communicate statistical processes and results.

6. Solve probability problems by correctly applying appropriate methods and/or models (including probability rules and probability distributions).