2015-16 College Catalog

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MATH-128 Concepts of Mathematics II

This course is the second course in a sequence intended primarily for students in the elementary and early childhood education programs. Topics include probability, metric and non-metric geometry, dimensional analysis, congruence and similarity, and coordinate and transformational geometry. Special emphasis is given throughout the course to problem-solving techniques including the appropriate use of calculators and computers.




C or better in MATH-070 or appropriate score on mathematics placement test

Hours Weekly

4 hours weekly

Course Objectives

1. Communicate mathematical concepts about relationships among points, lines, and planes, the image of a geometric reflection, and the characteristics of a variety of polygons including symmetry using appropriate symbols, notation, and vocabulary

2. Solve application problems involving multi-stage experiments with tree diagrams, geometric probabilities, similar triangles, and other similar figures, translations, and rotations, threedimensional geometry, and application problems involving measurement, mass, and temperature.

3. Identify and implement appropriate technologies to efficiently complete tasks that involve the solving of cross-discipline, mathematically appropriate problems and creating new works to communicate the processes used and solution.

4. Analyze, evaluate, justify, and interpret the reasonableness of solutions, particularly in the area of geometric conjectures.