2015-16 College Catalog

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ENGL-210 Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama

In this course, students study conventions and characteristics of fiction, poetry, and drama, including literary terminology and concepts necessary for interpretation, analysis, and critical evaluation of literary texts in these three genres. In addition, they are introduced to critical reading strategies, literary criticism, and an expanding literary canon which includes the work of culturally diverse writers - including a classic piece from Greek or Shakespearian theatre. This course is writing intensive.





Hours Weekly

3 hours weekly

Course Objectives

1. Identify and apply literary terms, concepts, devices and characteristics in short stories, poetry, and drama;

2. Think critically and independently in interpreting short stories, poetry, and drama;

3. Analyze how literature reflects human values and thus has relevance to today's world;

4. Describe the structural and language devices that are characteristic of the three genres studied;

5. Write clearly and intelligently about literature;

6. Communicate effectively an understanding of the literature and exchange ideas about literature in both whole-class discussions and small group discussions;

7. Perform basic literary research and use MLA-style documentation;

8. Understand and demonstrate the conventions of writing about literature;

9. Read literature more effectively with an appreciation for the sound and rhythm of words.