2015-16 College Catalog

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ENGL-204 English Literature II

This course examines language, ideas, and political/cultural values in English literature from the Romantic period of the late 1700s through the Victorian era and into the 1900s. Students read poems, plays and novels encompassing issues like civil rights, colonialism, sexuality, and political power; they study writing that celebrates new freedoms and new ways of assessing humanity, self, and the world through diverse perspectives, including authors such as Austen, Beckett, Blake, Eliot, Hardy, Joyce, Tennyson, Wollstonecraft, Wordsworth, Woolf, and Yeats. This course is writing intensive.





Hours Weekly

3 hours weekly

Course Objectives

1. Recognize literary terms, concepts, critical strategies and stylistic characters in the texts studied.

2. Demonstrate critical and independent thinking in the interpretation of texts.

3. Write analytically about literary works, using appropriate research and documentation.

4. Demonstrate an understanding of ways the literature studied reflects its intellectual, social, historical, and cultural contexts.

5. Evaluate the power of literature to address personal values and goals and to challenge human endeavors.