2015-16 College Catalog

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EDUC-200 Introduction to Special Education

This course prepares students to identify disabilities and their medical, psychological, and educational impact on students, parents, and teachers. This course meets the Maryland State Department of Education Inclusion of Special Needs Student Populations requirement for an initial certificate in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education and Secondary Education. This course also meets the Maryland State Department of Education Historical, Philosophical and Legal Foundations of Special Education requirement for an initial certificate in Generic Special Education Infant/Primary, Generic Special Education Elementary/Middle, and Generic Special Education Secondary/Adult. A 15-hour Field Experience outside of class time is required. Students are placed in a Howard County Public School or may use a K-12 school where they are employed.




Eligible to enroll in ENGL-121

Hours Weekly

3 hours weekly

Course Objectives

1. Relate the history of special education to current practice.

2. Describe the litigation and legislation that have influenced the education of children with disabilities.

3. Discuss current trends in special education.

4. Identify the roles of various professionals in the provision of special education.

5. Describe the process for determining student eligibility for special education services.

6. Define terminology related to major disabilities.

7. Distinguish among major disabilities using criteria of diagnostic characteristics, causes and incidence.

8. Describe selected educational interventions used in special education.

9. Discuss cultural issues in the provision of special education services to students from cultural minorities.

10. Analyze attitudes toward individuals with disabilities in school and community settings.

11. Examine issues of socialization and family adjustment as they relate to youngsters with disabilities.