2015-16 College Catalog

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EDUC-110 Introduction to Education

The student will examine the basic principles and philosophical traditions of Western and American Education. The student will also evaluate the trends, issues and career opportunities and options in contemporary education. A 15-hour Field Experience outside of class time is required. Students are placed in a Howard County Public School or may use a K-12 school where they are employed.



Hours Weekly

3 hours weekly

Course Objectives

1. Explore the varied aspects of teaching, including the knowledge and skill characteristics of effective teachers, to become aware of the current realities in today’s classrooms.

2. Examine the philosophical, historical, cultural, financial, professional, ethical and legal dimensions of U.S. education.

3. Analyze the ways in which a teacher can use technology to assist in teaching and learning.

4. Describe those strategies that create positive learning environments and well-managed classrooms.

5. Examine significant trends, issues, contributions and developments in American education that are the basis for educational practices today.

6. Describe the role of diversity and equality in the education process, and the methods that can be used to adjust practices to address learner diversity and equity.

7. Discuss how schools and the curriculum are a reflection of societal and cultural values and priorities.

8. Examine the characteristics of a school and the corresponding curriculum organization.

9. Examine the role that standards and assessment of student learning have in today’s classrooms.

10. Utilize valid sources of educational information.

11. Analyze factors that promote and hinder student performance.