2015-16 College Catalog

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ECON-101 Principles of Economics (Macro)

This course introduces students to important economic issues which affect an entire economy. Students will more comfortably read and understand books, newspapers, and magazines with economic content. Topics include demand and supply theory, gross domestic product determination, inflation, unemployment, the role of the government and public choice, fiscal and monetary policy, and foreign exchange rates and trade.




Eligible to enroll in ENGL-121

Hours Weekly

3 hours weekly

Course Objectives

1. Summarize opposing sides of an economic issue.

2. Establish a point of view of an economic issue after analyzing and evaluating various opposing arguments.

3. Evaluate the relevance and validity of data used in macro-economic arguments

4. Analyze the implications of government macro-economic policies.

5. Discuss macro-economic schools of thought.

6. Discuss issues of international trade or finance from a macro-economic perspective.