2015-16 College Catalog

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BMGT-205 Principles of International Business

This course is designed to develop an overall business perspective that integrates cultural, political, economic, and legal environments into the framework for growing and managing global business operations. Students will focus on knowledge and skills pertaining to a range of business functions needed for success in the global arena.





Hours Weekly

3 hours weekly

Course Objectives

1. Explain international cross-cultural behavior, business etiquette, and negotiation skills required in international business, as discussed in team projects

2. Differentiate among various types of economics systems using diverse model economics and the changes achieved.

3. Describe how global business affects everyday life by using personal examples.

4. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of a global economy by analyzing its impact on different international societies.

5. Identify benefits and challenges of outsourcing through analysis of major global corporate case studies.

6. Relate global environmental issues, concerns and practices as they impact businesses and their survival.

7. Analyze roles and future of the US economy in the 21st century, relative to global political and economical issues.

8. Describe aspirations and future roles of emerging market economies in the world market as indicated within the scope of a class project.

9. Identify various opportunities that businesses encounter in the international markets taking local conditions into account as reported in the current media.

10. Compare the international marketing practices and philosophies of several major multinationals.