2015-16 College Catalog

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BMGT-175 Business Communications

This course encompasses the vital components of business communication applicable to any employment setting: business writing, interpersonal business communication, business etiquette and professionalism, and business communications utilizing technology. Students will create a business writing portfolio, an individual presentation, and work together with a team to create a group presentation, using current technologies and learning to communicate in diverse environments.



Hours Weekly

3 hours weekly

Course Objectives

1. Analyze and implement the steps of the business writing process.

2. Construct the essential written documents needed when applying for a job, using and adapting appropriate technologies for research and communication to achieve the best results in the job search process.

3. Identify, use, and adapt a variety of appropriate business correspondence and technologies to plan, write, and complete business messages and presentations, to complete research, and to collaborate with team members through technology-mediated formats.

4. Design and give various types of business presentations and articulate ideas for a range of audiences and purposes.

5. Communicate and participate in a team setting, using appropriate technologies as a communication tool for researching, creating, and delivering a group presentation.

6. Effectively deliver a routine message and a negative message in a business setting, using direct and indirect communication styles as appropriate.

7. Give and receive feedback, practice active listening skills, and analyze one’s own communication style and choices, and those of others, through peer writing reviews and practice presentations.

8. Deliver an effective formal oral presentation in front of a group, demonstrating the physical ability to speak effectively, conveying concepts efficiently, appropriately, creatively, and in an organized manner.