2015-16 College Catalog

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BMGT-142 Business Development and Sales for Emerging Leaders

This course introduces students to the basic skills used in business development and professional selling. Topics covered include how to prospect for potential clients, build effective relationships, assess an individual's needs, present specific solutions, and negotiate agreements. Given the growing need for global competency among business professionals, this course will also look at cultural context and the implications for negotiating agreements. This is appropriate for those interested in learning more about the profession of selling or for those who want to improve their ability to persuade others. Instruction is highly interactive with extensive use of oral and written communication and role play.



Hours Weekly

3 hours weekly

Course Objectives

1. Explain the role of personal selling in business development and describe its application in the sales process.

2. Demonstrate the understanding of the ethical and legal issues related to selling.

3. Analyze both one’s own and others’ communication style and adapt to the communication style of others.

4. Develop a relationship strategy that will add value and serve as a foundation of persuading and motivating others by analyzing one’s own and others’ communication styles.

5. Demonstrate an understanding of the process to search for and acquire qualified prospects.

6. Demonstrate the consultative sales process to creatively convey concepts.

7. Employ the use of questioning techniques demonstrating adaptive communication styles and active listening to uncover problems and needs for a range of audiences and purposes.

8. Locate, compile, and organize information necessary for analyzing competing products and developing a competitive analysis for a range of audiences.

9. Prepare and demonstrate an oral, formal sales presentation for individual and group contexts.

10. Demonstrate how to negotiate concerns and confirm agreement for a range of audiences and purposes.

11. Describe the issues of selling in a global environment.

12. Explain the role of technology in the future of selling.

13. Identify career opportunities available in selling and related fields.