2013-14 College Catalog

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Educational Technology Services (AV)

Educational Technology Services provides a wide variety of media resource support for instruction and administration in the audiovisual/instructional technology areas. Services include Materials Design and Production, A/V Equipment Services, and Multimedia/Web Design and Development.

Materials Design and Production involves the design and production of instructional and informational materials for HCC faculty and staff.

AV Equipment Services is responsible for the wide range of projection, audio, and video equipment that is distributed or permanently installed into classrooms, conference rooms and lecture halls throughout the campus. Digital audio and video recording and dubbing services are also available for support of instruction. These services empower the HCC community to use AV technology in teaching, learning, and community service.

Multimedia/Web Design and Development assists faculty with production of web-based media for on-line classes and the use of the web as a resource for learning. Onsite courses, distance learning courses and other instructional initiatives are supported. Products include digital and web streaming video, interactive tutorials, learning objects, animations, presentations, graphics/interface design and audio components.