2013-14 College Catalog

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Award Procedures

All financial aid awards are made in accordance with two criteria: demonstrated financial need and the student’s ability to maintain satisfactory academic progress . Completed files are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. A financial aid file is complete only after the following documents or information have been received:

  • A valid FAFSA on file with the U.S. Department of Education. The processed FAFSA must have the Howard Community College school code (008175) listed.
  • The submission of all other information requested by Financial Aid Services (required prior to disbursement of federal aid), including additional and verification documents if necessary.

Once a student’s financial aid file has been reviewed and deemed complete by a financial aid counselor, a financial aid package will be processed and the student will be mailed an award notification. Only the initial financial aid award notification for the academic year is mailed to students. The initial financial aid package will be based on assumed full-time status for the fall and winter/spring semesters. Awards will be adjusted to actual enrollment prior to disbursement. If financial aid awards are revised, the student is sent an email notification at his or her HCC email address. Financial aid awards can also be viewed on myHCC.