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Secondary Education–Spanish - Associate of Arts in Teaching Degree (Transfer)

Application Code 210

For curriculum information, contact the Social Sciences and Teacher Education Division—Room ST-149—443-518-1620.

Secondary Education is defined as grades seven through twelve in the state of Maryland. This curriculum prepares students to transfer to a Secondary Education-Spanish program at a four-year college or university in the state of Maryland. The Associate of Arts in Teaching (A.A.T.) degree has been articulated with all transfer programs in Secondary Education-Spanish in the state of Maryland. Students who receive the A.A.T. degree must have a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75, pass a required basic skills test,* and complete 45 hours of field experience.** Upon completion of the A.A.T. degree, students are eligible to be admitted as a Secondary Education-Spanish major at their Maryland transfer institution.

* Students in a Teacher Education transfer pattern must submit scores from a required basic skills test to the Social Sciences Division prior to the completion of the 30th credit hour. Scores from the basic skills tests are used for admission to four-year Teacher Education programs and are required for teacher certification in Maryland and most other states. Basic skills test options and Maryland passing scores are:

  • Praxis I – 177 in Math, 177 in Reading, 173 in Writing or total composite score of 527 OR
  • SAT – composite score of 1100 in Math and Verbal (prior to 4/95, the SAT score equivalent is 1000) OR
  • ACT – composite score of 24 OR
  • GRE – composite score of 297 (prior to 9/1/11, the GRE score equivalent is 1000)

** Students are required to complete 15 hours of field experience for each of the following courses as part of the degree requirements: EDUC-110, EDUC-200, and EDUC-260.

General Education Core

Students enrolled in transfer patterns must take a minimum of 30 credits in General Education. Each student’s total of general education and required courses must equal at least 60 semester hours of credit.


Course NumberTitleCredits
ENGL-121College Composition

3 credits

Humanities, Arts and Literature

Course NumberTitleCredits
-Humanities Core Course

-Arts Core Course

-Literature Core Course


One Humanities Core Course (3 credits), plus one Arts Core Course (3 credits), plus one Literature Core Course (3 credits) satisfies the Humanities, Arts and Literature Core requirement, OR a World Language Sequence (8 credits), plus another Humanities, Arts, and Literature Core (3 credits) in a second discipline other than a world language satisfies the Humanities, Arts and Literature Core requirement.

Social Sciences

Course NumberTitleCredits
-History Core Course


GEOG-102Elements of Cultural Geography

3 credits


Course NumberTitleCredits
-Science Core Courses


must include one course with lab


Course NumberTitleCredits
-Mathematics Core Course



Course NumberTitleCredits
SPAN-221Cultures of the Spanish-Speaking World

3 credits

Required Courses Related to Major

Required Courses

Course NumberTitleCredits
EDUC-110Introduction to Education

3 credits

EDUC-200Introduction to Special Education

3 credits

EDUC-260Educational Psychology

3 credits

PSYC-101General Psychology

3 credits

PSYC-204Adolescent Psychology

3 credits

Spanish – Select 16 credits from the following (4 credits each):

Course NumberTitleCredits
SPAN-101Foundational Spanish I

4 credits

SPAN-102Foundational Spanish II

4 credits

SPAN-201Intermediate Spanish I

4 credits

SPAN-202Intermediate Spanish II

4 credits

SPAN-203Intermediate Spanish III

4 credits

SPAN-204Intermediate Spanish IV

4 credits

Total Credit Hours:16

Total Credit Hours: 62-67

The Introduction to Special Education course required by Howard Community College is a necessary requirement of the college’s A.A.T. degree but is not sufficient to meet all special education or inclusion course requirements for four-year teacher education programs. Students may be required to take additional special education or inclusion courses as part of the requirements for a baccalaureate degree and teacher education certification at four-year institutions.