2013-14 College Catalog

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Exercise Science–Martial Arts Studies - Certificate (Career)


For curriculum information, contact the Health Sciences Division—Room HS-236—443-518-1560.

This certificate is designed for those who seek to attain basic knowledge and skills linked with establishing and operating a martial arts business. Students selecting this certificate may already have a background in the martial arts or be seeking to eventually start a new career in martial arts. Courses required for this certificate are applicable to the Exercise Science, Martial Arts track associate degree.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses

Course NumberTitleCredits
EXSC-200Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries

3 credits

EXSC-220Introduction to the Martial Arts

3 credits

EXSC-230Philosophy of the Martial Arts

3 credits

HEED-112First Aid & Safety

3 credits

HEED-200Health/Fitness Leader

3 credits

Total Credit Hours: 15