2013-14 College Catalog

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Film and Video Pre-Production - A.A. Degree (Transfer)

An Arts and Sciences Area of Study

Application Code 259

For curiculum information, contact the Arts and Humanities Division – Room HVPA-200 443-518-1480.

This curriculum is designed for students transferring to UMBC’s Film/Video Concentration of the Visual Arts degree. The area of study focuses on the history, development, theory, and criticism of the film and video arts, as well as the basic principles of film making and film production. The Film and Video Pre-Production area of study concentrates on the aesthetics and production of film and is designed to enable students to understand the history of film and media and to think and write critically about film and electronic media.

General Education Core

Students enrolled in transfer patterns must take a minimum of 30 credits in General Education. Each student’s total of general education and required courses must equal at least 60 semester hours of credit.


Course NumberTitleCredits
ENGL-121College Composition

3 credits

Humanities, Arts and Literature

Course NumberTitleCredits
ARTT-103Art Appreciation

3 credits

-Humanities Core Course

-Literature Core Course


ARTT-103 (3 credits), plus one Humanities Core Course (3 credits), plus one Literature Core Course (3 credits) satisfies the Humanities, Arts and Literature Core requirement, OR a World Language Sequence (8 credits), plus ARTT-103 (3 credits) satisfies the Humanities, Arts and Literature Core requirement.

Social Sciences

Course NumberTitleCredits
-Social and Behavioral Sciences Core Courses


One History Core Course is required and may be taken as either a Social and Behavioral Sciences Core or a Humanities Core. No more than 6 credits may be taken in History to meet Humanities Core and Social and Behavioral Sciences Core requirements.


Course NumberTitleCredits
-Science Core Courses


must include one course with lab


Course NumberTitleCredits
-Mathematics Core Course



Course NumberTitleCredits
Interdisciplinary -Interdisciplinary and Emerging Issues Core Course


Required Courses Related to Major

Required Courses

Course NumberTitleCredits
ARTT-101Two-Dimensional Art and Design

3 credits

ARTT-104Art History I

3 credits

ARTT-105Art History II

3 credits

ARTT-109Drawing I: Observation and Invention


ARTT-141Basic Photography

3 credits

FILM-171Introduction to American Cinema

3 credits

FILM-172Introduction to World Cinema

3 credits

FINE-102Arts, Cultures and Ideas

3 credits

TVRD-129Mass Media

3 credits

TVRD-130Introduction to Video I

3 credits

Total Credit Hours: 60-66