2013-14 College Catalog

Online Catalog


Howard Community College delivers its academic programs in a variety of ways so students can choose to take courses from their homes or offices, reduce or eliminate the need to physically come to campus, or accelerate their course completion. eLearning courses are offered online via the Internet.

All eLearning courses meet the same objectives as the on-site course, are as academically rigorous, and transfer to other institutions. HCC recognizes that providing ¬≠eLearning opportunities makes it possible for even more people to receive a quality education. Each semester there is an increase in the HCC courses offered at a distance. Check the schedule of classes for a complete listing of the current semester’s offerings. For more information, visit

Online Courses

Online courses allow students an opportunity to take classes from home, the office, or wherever they have access to a computer. Students interact with the instructor and other students via a dedicated course website.

Students should be familiar with e-mail and accessing the Internet. Also, students must have access to the necessary computer technology, an Internet provider, and web browser.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses make significant use of the Internet and online resources in addressing the course objectives. Because so many of the course transactions are conducted online, the amount of on-campus class meeting time is half that of the traditional on-campus version of the course.