2013-14 College Catalog

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Graduation Applications

Students who anticipate completing the requirements for an A.A., A.A.S., A.A.T., or A.S.E. degree or certificate are responsible for filing a graduation application with the Office of Records, Registration and Veterans’ Affairs. The application includes a review of the student’s completion of degree or certificate requirements. The application must be initially reviewed and signed by an academic advisor prior to submission for final review to the Office of Records, Registration and Veterans’ Affairs. The deadlines for submitting graduation applications are: May graduation–March 15 ­(April 15 for students wishing to walk in May Commencement); Summer graduation–May 15; December graduation–­October 15.

To be awarded a degree or certificate from Howard Community College, students must:

  1. satisfy all requirements of an A.A. degree, A.A.S. degree, A.A.T. degree, A.S.E. degree, or a certificate as indicated on this page;
  2. be in good academic and financial standing with the college;
  3. have their graduation applications reviewed by an academic advisor and then cleared by the Office of Records, Registration and Veterans’ Affairs.

Students who do not complete degree or certificate requirements in the semester in which they first applied for graduation may apply for graduation at a later date. Students who transfer prior to graduation may apply for reverse transfer to graduate from HCC; for information contact the Office of Admissions and Advising.

A commencement ceremony is held in May each year. Students who completed degree or certificate requirements and any other requirements prior to the May ceremony, as well as those who need to complete up to two courses during the subsequent summer term, may participate.

Graduation candidates may be required to take an outcome assessment examination prior to the date of graduation. The scores on the exam will be used for statistical analysis of student progress. The scores will not be part of any student’s academic record. The exams are administered in the HCC Test Center.